Studia Indoloczne (?)

David Magier magier at COLUMBIA.EDU
Sat Aug 4 22:44:44 UTC 2001

I'm forwarding this bibliographic query to the listserv of CONSALD
(Committee on South Asian Libraries and Documentation -- which
consists of a few dozen of my colleagues who are South Asia
Librarians). I also tried searching a number of sources and could not
locate anything resembling this citation... I will be very interested
to see if someone can hunt it down, as no libraries in the appear to
have this journal (if this is, indeed, its name).

David Magier
South Asia Librarian,
Columbia University

> Dear Friends,
> I am trying to track down an article reported to be published in a
> journal (?) called "Studia Indoloczne."  The Danish Royal Library
> cannot seem to find the journal, and I have not found it in either
> COPAC, the Library of Congress, or MELVYL.
> The article is by Jens Braarvig, "Bhavya on Mantras: Apologetic
> Endeavours on Behalf of the Mahayana," and it is said to have
> appeared in the journal _Studia Indoloczne_ 4 (1997), 31-39.  The
> referring article is Ron Davidson's "Masquerading as PramaNa," in
> _Dharmakirti's Thought and its Impact on Indian and Tibetan
> Philosophy_ (Wien, 1999), fn. 18, p. 29.
> Has anyone heard of "Studia Indoloczne" and/or know where I might be
> able to track down a copy?
> Thanks in advance,
> Chr. Wedemeyer
> Kbenhavns Universitet

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