ISO FDIS 15919 approved (fwd)

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Sun Aug 5 10:00:19 UTC 2001

Just a note for those who may not quite get what this is about. In 1898
the World Congress of Orientalists agreed on a transliteration for
Sanskrit.  The new standard, largely worked out by Tony Stone, is the
first public, official standard to recognise Indic transliteration.  As a
public BSI / ISO standard there is *some* chance now that fonts and other
facilities for doing romanized Sanskrit on computers may get support from
manufacturers, something that was plain impossible as long as romanized
Indic wasn't registerd as a public standard.

There are other benefits too, which I won't go into here.


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Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001 19:47:12 +0100
From: Dr Anthony P Stone <stone_catend at>
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Subject: Re: ISO FDIS 15919 approved (fwd)

Dear Dominik

Many thanks for your other, congratulatory message.

Anyway, the answer, which I will send to J Kirkpatrick separately, is that
it will be published as hard copy, available from National Standards
Bodies.  I am not in the picture with regard to any possible electronic
publication by ISO or any National Standards Body.

ISO is particular about copyright.  But I hope it will be possible for me
to put some pages on the Web about 'How to use ISO 15919'.

Regards,  Tony

Dr Anthony P. Stone, Project Leader for ISO 15919 (Transliteration of
Indic scripts) under ISO/TC46/SC2/WG14.
   Thinking aloud on transliteration:

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