N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 17 14:10:54 UTC 2001

  What about a committee, say of 10 Indologists ?-
Prof. Deshpande, Witzel, Wujastyk, Aklujkar, Simson, Fosse, Houben,
Mueller, Raman, Zydenbos, Fitzgerald, Mueller ...

  The mails have an incubating time, say 24 hours ;
Any member of the (large) moderating committee reads it and finds it
OK (main criterion: no insults), pushes the button and then
the post appears on the INDOLOGY website.

N. Ganesan

Prof. Madhav Deshpande wrote:

Dear Dominik,

         I would like to thank you for all the opportunities that were
made available through Indology.  I have benefitted enormously just
by being in communication with so many samaanadharmaa folks.  Without
such communication, we all become inward, each one locked up in our
closed environments.  I realize that your role as moderator has been
at times painful due to immoderate and intemperate language used by
some on the list.  However, let us not throw away the baby with the
bath water.  I would wholeheartedly support proposals for converting
this list to a more moderated form.  I would offer to join such a
moderating committee, if that would diminish your burden.  I hope and
pray that you would reconsider the idea of closing down Indology.

                                                 Madhav Deshpande
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