Prof. P. Kumar kumar at PIXIE.UDW.AC.ZA
Tue Apr 17 10:32:21 UTC 2001

Dear Prof. Wujastyk,

I am probably the only one from South Africa who might be on your list.
Although I have not participated in all the discussions, I have always been
a keen reader of the debates and discussions which as you rightly feel
sometimes went beyond/below scholarly levels and often bordered on some
sort of ethnic ideology. I myself was often disturbed by the nature and the
level of the debates, but I did not wish to poke my nose as you were in
full control when it was necessary to use your editorial powers. I am
merely writing this message to express my personal gratitude to you for the
most wonderful service you have been providing in the name of Indology.
Whether you would continue as the editor in the new list on Yahoo or not (I
wish you could), I wish you well in all your other endeavours, and I wish
to place on record that you have been a great boon to the indological
scholarship and you DESERVE A BIG THANK YOU. Thank you and hope to meet you
sometime and offer my thanks in person. It has been good knowing you this



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