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Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Tue Apr 17 09:52:27 UTC 2001

Gunthard Mueller [SMTP:gm at ANTHOSIMPRINT.COM] skrev 17. april 2001 10:25:
> Profs. Fosse and Ruzsa--
> I don't think that the interested public should be
> prevented from asking serious questions on the
> list.

I believe this is a problem related to the technicalities involved. If we
have a non-open list, it implies that only certain persons are allowed to
publish on the list. The nice thing about having outsiders turn directly to
the experts on the list, is that we get as many "editors" as there are
members of the list with "write" privilege. A list-member may decide to
answer an inquiry in private, or s/he may decide to pass the message on to
the rest of the list, whether it is a question or a comment. This gives us
the necessary filter to keep out nonsense.

> Professionals tend to ask themselves insider
> questions, like references for books etc., which
> are important, but not very exciting.

As far as I can remember, the Indology list had a number of interesting
discussions before it was wrecked. Although insiders ask each other a
number of questions like the ones you mention (they are useful enough for
professionals), the list does not have to be exclusively tuned to this kind
of thing. I am a member of two other lists (both moderated) where all sorts
of debates and info are channelled through to the receivers. They show a
fine balance between scholarly debates and practical info seeking.

> So I am wondering if I should offer to host
> a non-Yahoo continuation of the list in case Dominik
> really doesn't want to continue?

This sounds like an interesting alternative. But let us wait and see what
Dominik comes up with!

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