Judging of offenders

Narayan R.Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Mon Apr 16 04:47:35 UTC 2001

Having 650 (less than 50 frequent visitors of Indian origin)list members is
an asset and not a liability. It shows interests in various aspects of the
ancient Indian civilization by the scholars from the different corners of
the world. In my opinion, judging the contributors other than those who
fall in the category of exceeding the quota per person per week or per
month will be a difficult task for a single or for a group of
moderators.Instead of following the drastic measure of cutting the
contributor cum offender off the list without notice, would not it be
appropriate to follow a moderate remedy first of decreasing the frequency
of contributions per person? Then wait for a couple of months to see the
results. One is again free to proceed based upon the results.Thanks.

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