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Mon Apr 16 02:25:50 UTC 2001

Wow. The death of Indology as we knew it, income taxes, and Easter all on the
same day. I think we're batting .333 at best in the good news department.
Will we always remember what we were thinking and doing the moment we got the
news Indology was dead?

Going on the assumption that we haven't lost Liverpool yet--and fearing that
Gresham's law may operate even more vigorously on Yahoo--I have two quick

1) Chapters in Sanskrit texts often end with a single sentence that begins
with iti and usually translates as something like, "Thus concludes the nth
chapter of the xyz text." What is this sentence called?

2) Sanskrit texts with English translations printed in India are often laid
out with the Sanskrit verse occupying two lines, then the English occupying a
variable number of lines immediately below it, then the next Sanskrit verse
and its translation, and so on. What is this format called? Interlinear? Or
something else?

Alas, alas for Indology and for ourselves. To what other forum would I addres
s questions such as these? Would I pester individuals persistently? Dun
Deshpande daily? Worry Witzel and Wujastyk willy-nilly? Use Fosse for mental

To all past, present, and future moderators: toss offenders off your list
immediately, without warnings, and without appeals. Little will be lost and
much will be gained.

All the best,


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