Idiom, and, Grammar, (and, chariots, again!)

Subrahmanya S. subrahmanyas at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 12 03:53:02 UTC 2001

>M.Witzel wrote:
>He has not even checked the text of RV 6.75.
>Small hint: perhaps he can explain to us what kind of recreational >generic
>vehicle (ratha) is used in 6.75.7 to trample down (ava-kram) >with the
>forelegs (prapad) of horses the enemies  (amitra), and kill (ksi) the
>enemies (zatru).

what details is there about the chariot ? how do you know what
kind of wheels ? how do you know how many wheels were there ?

You claim to be a philologist ?

>SuB. will have to check it,in Rgveda, Avestan,
>Hittite, Greek, Roman, and Celtic texts, then come back. He has not
>done this litle homework but always shifts the objective and asks new
>questions instead.

As usual Wizl. being unable to answer a question tries to assign
a homework.
The original question was how to identify a so called "indo-european
chariot as opposed to a non-indo-european one.

You cannot answer the question so you try to weasel out of it.

>This time about the vehicles of the Indus Valley Civ. --
>Well, he should not *ask* us, but *show* himself where there is a horse
>drawn, 2-wheeled, spoke-wheeled, CHARIOT in any "indigenous" Indus
>depiction, or as an object?
You show me evidence of such a chariot after the so called Aryan
invasion/migration between 1500-1000BC ?

You are the one who has built up all kinds of migrating Aryans
frightening the dravidians with their fast chariots, horses etc...

>In the meantime he should not bother us with shifting questions,
> >constantly diverting the discussion etc.,

Of course you are bothered by questions!!
Because your arguments are faulty and illogical, you try to
stop questions.

I must also point out, that you and your cohorts did not answer Dr.Kochhars
questions either.

The kinds of idiotic arguments given about modern day tanks being
transported on trucks being used to justify some fast imaginary aryan
chariot shows more about the whacko thinking of the euro-supremacist

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