SV: NEW: Racist Newton didn't discover Gravity!

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Apr 8 17:44:53 UTC 2001

>Prof Fosse wrote..
>I therefore politely suggest that the quarrel about who invented what
> >first is not a very interesting one. It is far more interesting when >the
>discovery of a natural law of of mathematical principles "take off" >in
>such a way that they become "world-shattering" events.

I have no option but agree.

Isn't the same true of Rgveda? Whereever it originated from, it became an
earth shattering event for residents of India, and it turned into their life
blood, they built stories and mythologies on it, and continue to discover
more even to date; whereas it fails to inspire any one outside their land?
If it is agreed that AIT/OIT are moot points, we can do substantial work

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