NEW: Pythagoras Theorem written before he was born!

Samar Abbas abbas at IOPB.RES.IN
Sun Apr 8 07:13:11 UTC 2001

AFTER AIT & NGT, NOW PTT ! After AIT, Saffron researchers are busy
unveiling another `racist Nazi' theory: PTT (Pythagoras Theorem-Theory),
which wrongly gives credit for Pythagoras theorem to Pythagoras :

  "Pythagoras's Theorem was written before he was born, in
   ancient Indian treatises called the Shilpa Sutras.
    The Times,,,3-60843,00.html,,3-60856,00.html

 Also, "Electrical energy was not a recent discovery, but was mentioned in
the ancient Vedic texts, along with magnetic and solar energy." and "
Wireless technology was invented by Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose, not Marconi"
So, plenty of `racist Euro-centric' theories to take care of: WET (Western
Electrical Theory), MET (Marconi Electrical Theory) etc.

For more laughs about AIT, PTT, NGT :


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