Chariots and Ships

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Stev Farmer writes, of RV war chariots:
Start with the obvious verses on war chariots in RV 6.75, which are replete
with images of enemies being trampled by war-chariot horses.

Could you please explain where there is "war chariot" in 6.75 ?
I also leafed through Sparreboom's book to find if there is
anything about 6.75 there and did not find it. It is possible
I may have missed it.
Also, I will greatly appreciate it if you could please point
me to where you found any writeup of 6.75 containing a war-chariot.

I should also point out that I thought we were talking of "war chariots" not
of enemies being trampled by chariot horses !! ?

How do you identify a war chariot ? - notice that Sparreboom admits
that there were probably many kinds of wheeled vehicles in SIVC.

Where is the evidence of any "indo-european war chariot" ?
Archeological or textual ?

If at all there is one such "indo-european war chariot" How do you
differentiate between a chariot of a indo-european speaker and a
non-indo-european speaker's chariot ?

Sparreboom writes in the introduction
"We are atleast on firm ground if we state that the Indo-Aryan tribes
when invading Iran and northwestern India, were chariot experts. But,
as mentioned above they were not the first to use wheeled vehicles
on Indian soil. Judging by the number of miniature cart models
apparently made locally, which have been excavated from different
harappan sites, this civilization knew a variety of vehicles.
Although it cannot be excluded that the Harappans developed a kind
of car used for warfare, the evidence is scant at best"
The reference is then given to a 1970 paper in JRAS by Stuart Piggott.

The Wagon, Chariot and Carriage book by Piggott was published in

First of all, it is very important not to be swayed by the
diversionary tactics of people like Wizl. and his cohorts.

They will indulge in all kinds of posturing and name calling-
because that is one way to shift attention away from answering
questions about evidence to justify the assumptions behind
their theories.

This so called "indo european war chariot" is a fake assumption
on which the Aryan invasion/migration into the Indian Subcontinent
has been built.

As S.Piggott points out - "The intimate linkage between Proto-Indo-European
and the horse and the chariot is a myth".

Such connections between the great vibrant Indo-Europeans, horses
and chariots exist only in the fantasy world of eurcentric academics.

S.Farmer accuses me of defending S.Talageri.
I have no such goal - I am sure S.Talageri is very capable of defending his

My only agenda is to find out and learn more about the grounds
on which the Aryan Invasion/Migration theory has been built.

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