Wanderlust of the IETribes !!

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Fri Apr 6 13:05:02 UTC 2001

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, Subrahmanya S. wrote:

> Witzels's admits that his article is closely linked to earlier
> 19th century orientalists like Oldenberg

You are wrong about this.  Witzel doesn't "admit" that he is closely
linked to scholars like Oldenberg.  As far as I can see, he proudly
proclaims it.  He does this on the basis that he has actually read
Oldenberg's writings, thinks them substantial, and agrees with certain of
his conclusions.

Your posting suggests that you disagree with Oldenberg, perhaps on the
grounds of his profession ("orientalist"), or perhaps because he lived in
the nineteenth century.  These categories are not amongst those which are
considered authoritative criteria for scholarly judgement by the
contemporary academy.

If you think Oldenberg's scholarship on vedic topics is faulty, please
give your reasons, based on a careful reading of Oldenberg and the Veda.

Dominik Wujastyk
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