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Thu Apr 5 11:59:54 UTC 2001

I don't know how many people have looked yet at Shrikant Talageri's long and
devastating analysis of Michael Witzel's _Rigvedic: poets, chieftians andn
politics. (http://www.voi.org/books/rig/ch9.htm)
It shouldn't be overlooked.

Wittzels's articles has been held up by the usual euro-centric parties as
groundbreaking,revolutionary, based on a fresh look at the old texts, etc.

Witzels's admits that his article is closely linked to earlier
19th century orientalists like Oldenberg

Talageri shows that Witzels's views on the RV is as methodologically
unsound as the endless stream of trash put out by
missionaries and colonialists. Witzels's historical fictions are
based wholly on 19th century theories.
(Indeed, Talageri shows that Witzels's  study depends even on manufacturing
of Piltdown textual data and reminiscenses of the Urals !!).

See an expose of Witzels'Piltdown text'at

Witzel's incoherent writings in other papers have also been noticed

For a sampler of euro-supremacist writing:

1. "Something of this fear of the horse and of the thundering chariot, the
"tank" of the 2nd millennium B.C. is transparent in the famous horse
'Dadhikra' of the Puru king Trasadasya ("Tremble enemy"" in RV 4.38.8)

2. "The first appearance of thundering chariots must have stricken the local
population with teror similar to that experienced by the Aztecs and the
Incas upon the arrival of the oron-clad, horse riding Spaniards."

Both on Pg. 114 of Erdosy: 1995



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