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Might the following ensemble of un-cited data have any
relevance to the inquiry? Can any of it be
substantiated or shown to be false? Is there anything
worthy of amplification?

Abstract: Vajra, Vajravaada & Li.nga

Among the Indian Buddhist schools, Tantra generally
goes by the name of Vajrayaana, the "diamond-" or
"thunderbolt-vehicle." But its original name was
probably Vajravaada, the "thunderbolt-way." Vajra or
"thunderbolt" is apparently the Buddhist version of
the li.nga, and the vajravaada most likely indicated a
special erotic ritual. Li.nga itself appears to be
derived from the very early Austric language. In its
earliest sense, then, li.nga denotes a primitive
"plough" or "digging stick." It is said that before
the invading Aryans entered the Indus Valley
Civilization (present-day Pakistan), they had never
encountered the li.nga-worship. Initially they were
horrified by the cult. They contemptuously referred to
Ziva as ZiZna-devataa or "penis-deity" and forbade all
contacts with his worshippers.


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