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You might want to take a look at  Das Gupta, Tapan Kumar, Der Vajra, eine
vedische Waffe. Wiesbaden : In Kommission bei F. Steiner, 1975.


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> Greetings-
> As a student of Buddhist Tantra, I am interested in how Indra's Vajra came
> to have connotations like "adamantine" "diamond" "indestructible". I have
> been looking at the occurrences in the Rigveda, and notice that it is
> sometimes described as made or iron or metal and with edges (sounding much
> like the Tibetan rdo rje). Macdonell mentions that it is "sometimes spoken
> of as a stone or rock." Does anyone know what he is referring to,
> or of any
> works or monographs on this interesting word?
> Thank you
> Dante Rosati

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