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Steve Farmer saf at SAFARMER.COM
Sat Oct 28 03:28:03 UTC 2000

I wrote:

> Those questioning the impact of Hindutva views of history on
> Indology should look at this story in the 28 October (Saturday)
> issue of The Times of India....

Ravi Chaundhary wrote:

> and I thought Dr Farmer  to quote his own words, was embarking on an truly
> exciting project, "The higher nature of man"

I don't catch your meaning, but you certainly *aren't* quoting my
words. However, I believe that it is part of an historian's job
to combat willful distortions of the past -- in this case,
concerning Harappan and Vedic cultures. The meaning of the phrase
"History is the propaganda of the victorious" may become a lot
clearer to scholars than they like if they ignore trends like
those covered in this story. Obviously a lot of other historians
(read the story) are disturbed about it as well.

Steve Farmer

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