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>>This "certain knowledge/instinct" can be profoundly misleading too, of
>>course.  Having grown up in a culture is absolutely not the same as having
>>an analytical knowledge of that culture.  That's why some Hindu students
>>fail courses in Hinduism (yes, it happens!).


That is what I said in my first note that the British administrative model
failed in 1900 and replaced by American management.

Let me tell you what is original Indology according to me. WHile reading
aitareyA brAhmaNA I was able to guess a relationship, which I found later in
KB to my surprise..

"To him that is Soma he sacrifics as Vishnu; in that being bought he enters
this (yajna) as it were, that is his form as vishnu. In that, further, he
offers sacrifice to him that is soma as vishnu, here what in this name is
vishnu is to be eaten in yonder name of soma." KB viii.2

I remember this is not in AB. Explaining this is within the scope of this

This is what I call real Indology according to me. If you have a patent on
the word Indology I will call it Hindology  or pick a name.

The British beurocratic model worked perfectly in 1700, which is what India
copied. The Indian Civil Service (ICS) formed by British brought young lads
from England and made them collectors of large districts. These young guys
had no resources but they did wonders. The reason for their success is the
administrative system and more importantly the spotless judicial system.

I can see that your administration of the list is in the same spirit as ICS.
You implement the same administrative system, set up rules and follow them
with perfect justice; but remember the rules themselves were created in a
way that stiffle any creativity.

How can a "certain knowledge/instinct" be "profoundly misleading". This is a
contradiction! How can knowledge be misleading? By saying knowledge can
mislead, you are insulting knowledge, and also indirectly insulting people
who possess or use that knowledge.

You could have worded it differently as "imperfect or untrained half
knowledge instinct can be prfoundly misleading".

The fault lies in your assumption that scholarship is mere catalouging and
exchanging information re: existing literature. American management has
given us what is called "Yahoo search engine" which can do this work better
than what this list is doing without all these hassles and arguments. (I am
not supporting stupid and racist posts here, I only mean what I explained

To me real Indology is to creative Indology and stand up to it. If some
people think it is a highflying imagination, so be it.

Bhadraiah Mallampalli
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