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V.C.Vijayaraghavan vijay at VOSSNET.CO.UK
Mon Oct 23 21:12:34 UTC 2000

This post is in bad taste, unfair and insuling to list members of whatever

If anybody is found making racist remarks, it must be confronted on the spot
instead of making wild generalizations and accusations which lead us

I have not found anyone making remarks which can be explicitely be construed
as racist.

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From: "Namrata Bose" <namratabose at HOTMAIL.COM>
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2000 7:18 PM
Subject: new Indology list

> Why are you complaining Bijoy? This is a white racist list. All know that.
> Instead of
> complaining, join
> this man Dominik is supporting India bashing and will find any excuse to
> save his favorite white
> people or others who support white people like Thompson and Deshpande. He
> can tolerate Farmer, who cannot read anything serious in indology just
> because he is
> white. See how chicken hearted he is when he talks to christian fanatics
> like Robert zydenbos or
> to ISI pakistani agents like Samar Abbas.Only people who condone racism or
> have no self respect
> can remain here. Now I want D to cancel my membership of this list. I have
> had enough of his nonsense. No
> self respecting indian should stay in this list. Nobody who believes in
> fairness and in the
> equality of all races can stay in this list for one minute. Is Farmer a
> trained Indologist? Is
> he just lurking? Just the other month he posted 28 times on a minor
> Dominik, you think
> that the idiot queen still rules India. Really speaking, she cannot even
> control her own
> dysfunctional family. Reading these sickening fascist emails from Salmon,
> Thomson, Vassilkov I think that the missing link in human evolution has
> found. In some Indologists the reptilean part of the brain has not evolved
> to the human level. Dominik and other people should get asian girlfriends
> with the help of farmer. That is the only way they can escape the charge
> racism. I want more Farmers and Dominiks to support indology. This way it
> will die faster :-)
> Namrata

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