Wines in India (was Re: "Science" in India)

Narayan Sriranga Raja missing_link_found at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 23 15:21:47 UTC 2000

My apologies.  That was only to grab your attention.
No whines here.

Instead of speculating about the wretched state of
Science/Engineering education in India, let's look
at some unbiased rankings:

Every year, "Asiaweek" (a member of the "Time"
family of magazines) publishes a ranking of
"Asia's Best Science and Technology Schools".

Please take a look at the Year 2000 rankings at:

A total of 39 Science/Technology Institutes from
all over Asia (including Australia and Japan)
are ranked.  Of these, eight (the largest number
from any single country) are from India.
Five of the top eight schools are from India.

Even Japan (which, nobody can deny, produces
excellent engineers) has only five schools on
the list.

But can one really rely on magazine articles
to make sweeping judgements about contries?
Well, at least some of us can.  This is for
their benefit.


Narayan Sriranga Raja.

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