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Dear colleagues,

I forward below just the essential information about a conference next year, in order not to
exceed too grossly the limits for a posting.  Further details (hotel prices, registration
form, etc.) can be obtained from Sanskrit Studies Centre, Office of the President, Silpakorn
University, 22, Boromarachachonnani Road, Ta Ling Chan, Bangkok-10170, Thailand, or from
Dr.Chirapat Prapandvidya (chirapat at -- or I can forward them.


Sanskrit in Southeast Asia
The Harmonizing Factor of Cultures

An International Conference Organized by Sanskrit Studies Centre and The Department  of
Oriental Languages, Faculty of Archeology, Silpakorn  University, Bangkok, Thailand

Sanskrit as language and literature has exercised a tremendous effect on the mental life of
Southeast Asia. The study of Sanskrit is, therefore, indispensable for the deep
understanding of the culture, religion and philosophy in the region.   Sanskrit can be seen
as factor that cements and harmonizes multicultural societies and as cohesive element among
Southeast Asian nations.

Sanskrit Studies Centre, Silpakorn University, an important institution of Sanskrit learning
in Southeast Asia, proposes to hold an international conference on the above-mentioned
topic. You are cordially invited to participate so as to establish a cultural harmony
through this academic event. Other details of the conference are as follows:

*  To bring into the limelight the important role of Sanskrit as a non-sectarian vehicle
that has nurtured the cultures of Southeast Asia.
*  To look into the contribution of Sanskrit to achieving the higher goal of the gospel of
love, peace and harmony between the peoples and nations for the welfare of humanity.
*  To disseminate the role of Sanskrit in promoting cultural pluralism and social cohesion
in Asia, especially among Southeast Asian nations.
*  To bring scholars, researchers and interested persons together to discuss and interact,
so as to come to a meaningful conclusion.

When and where?
Date for the conference:                May 21-22, 2001  (Cultural tour, May 23, 2001)
Venue:  Royal River Hotel, Bangkok

Theme of the Conference: Sanskrit as the Strong Cultural Base of  Southeast Asia

 1. Sanskrit studies in Southeast Asia: Past, present  and future.
 2. Sanskrit epics and Puranas and their relations to Southeast Asia.
        3. Impact of Sanskrit language and literature on Southeast Asia.
        4. Buddhism and Brahmanism: Their interaction  and impact on Southeast Asia.
        5. System of Ayurvedic medicine: Its impact on Southeast Asia.
        6. Impact of shastras on Southeast Asian polity, art, architecture and modern sciences.
 7. Impact of  Sanskrit on philosophy in Southeast Asia.
        8. Sanskrit epigraphy in Southeast Asia.
        9. Astrology and astronomy in Southeast Asia.
10. Agama and tantra in Southeast Asia.

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