Semantics of Dravidian Languages

Narayan R. Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Sun Oct 22 15:08:51 UTC 2000

It is proposed that the Sanskrit word"Mekhala" is the import from the sub-
stratum languages (Tamil, Munda, Gond, Santhal)of the ancientIndia. This is
important from the point of view of the technical knowledge of the ancient
Dravidian Indians. The pair"MaNi and Mekhala" is the mechanical engineering
pair"Bolt and Nut".Dravidian words"Krakara and ParNa" form another pair of
mechanical engineering words "Rack and Pinion". The ancient Indian
linguistics has importance in the Indological Studies.The ancient Indian
linguistic scholars proposed different doctrines-Sphota by Vedic
Grammarians, Apoha by Buddhists and Sound atoms by Jains.To the best of my
knowledge, these theories discussed the Semantics of Sanskrit and not of
Dravidian languages. Were there similar efforts in the ancient India in
regards to the Semantics of Tamil, Munda, Gond, Santhal etc.? Thanks.

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