"Science" in India

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Sun Oct 22 19:02:07 UTC 2000

--- "V.C.Vijayaraghavan" <vijay at VOSSNET.CO.UK> wrote:
... In India , many intellectual professions like
> Indology are politicised and you are running into a political crossfire
> escpecially if associated with a veteran leftist protogonist like The
> Frontline.

Give us a break. Frontline a magazine by the very traditonal Iyengar brahmin
institution "The Hindu" is leftist?!

> To some extent , you have also fallen into the trap of steoreotyping Indians
> as unbalanced and unreasonable , but let me and other Indians take it as one
> off and does not mean anything more
I feel that Indians in thsi context has no sense. There are serious
Dravidian(ists) who refuse to be grouped under that banner, particualrly in
this context.
All that we have is that a subgroup of "Indians" not only refuse to accept hard
evidence but manipulate archaeological evidence that questions their own
preferences for theories of their ethnic origin.

A few months ago a 25-year old Indian computer consultant started this OIT
topic on his own and when I said the OIT is mainly socio-political without
reasonable scientific basis, he immediately asked me "Are you a Hindu,
Chandra?". That clearly shows the systemic nature of the problem and the
strength of the propaganda.

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