"Science" in India

David Salmon dsalmon at SALMON.ORG
Sun Oct 22 18:42:30 UTC 2000

Are you saying that the way to get along with the fascist menace in India is to keep your head down and say nothing much?

Then perhaps "Western" Indologists still have a proper, non-colonial function to play in Indian scientific and political life, if only to call attention to the facts.

David Salmon
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   But when Rajaram is treated as tip of the fascist
  iceberg in India and keep repeating then you run into problems. . . . In India , many intellectual professions like Indology are politicised and you are running into a political crossfire escpecially if associated with a veteran leftist protogonist like The Frontline. As long as you keep clear of the poltical battles in India . . . you are not inviting anybody's base passions.

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