"Science" in India

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Sat Oct 21 17:35:41 UTC 2000

>From: Dominik Wujastyk <ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK>
>At base, what Farmer is trying to do is to find for himself some way of
>understanding how Rajram, Kak, and others can write history that is so
>at variance with the standard model, and is based on poor evidence,
>misleading argumentation, and so forth.  How can someone do something
>so inexplicable?  Why would a scholar, someone dedicated to truth,
>write a book containing untruth?
Please ask Witzel that question.

Dont you realize that your so called 'standard model' is also based
on poor evidence, misleading argumentation and so forth ?

Standard model ? Based on that flawed assumption you extrapolate
that the others are wrong.
How are you so sure that your standard model is close to the
truth - it has its origins in a racist past and arrogant present.

It is ok to be partisan - but please do not present it is objective

Remember that when I asked "What happens when a person indulges in
mistranslations of passages in order to prove ones point or theory"
See Dr. Vassilov's reply at

Considering the history of mistranslations and misrepresentations
that europeanist scholars have indulged in from anaasa to amaavasu
they cannot be trusted anymore.

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