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NAYAK Anand [SMTP:anand.nayak at UNIFR.CH] skrev 19. oktober 2000 15:32:
> Thanks, Bijoy Misra, for your comments. The sudden flooding of Indian
> engineers (or is it the sudde opening in the Western marketting needs ?)
> created a lot of ill feelings. In Germany there is a slogan running now :
> Kinder, nicht Inder (More children please, not Indians). I guess these
> the initial reactions of fear. The substantial esteem will follow I hope.

I think the slogan "Kinder nicht Inder" must be seen in a wider context.
This is not simply a matter of Germans resenting Indian competition, it has
to do with populist and right-wing resentment of migrants in general, and
you will find parallel sentiments in other European countries than Germany.
Norway, my own country, is in a similar jam as Germany, and here too we
have a debate about whether we should "import" - almost inevitably from
Asia - new staff or if other labour market policies should be used to
increase the number of available workers of various kinds. The situation is
ridiculous because immigration started precisely because we needed more
workers, and now we need more workers again at the same time as everybody
else. So there are not that many options. The situation proves that racism
is not only bad, it is impractical.

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