"Science" in India

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Thu Oct 19 14:37:02 UTC 2000

--- NAYAK Anand <anand.nayak at UNIFR.CH> wrote:
> Thanks, Bijoy Misra, for your comments. The sudden flooding of Indian
> engineers (or is it the sudde opening in the Western marketting needs ?) has
> created a lot of ill feelings. In Germany there is a slogan running now :
> Kinder, nicht Inder (More children please, not Indians). I guess these are
> the initial reactions of fear. The substantial esteem will follow I hope.
> Greetings. A. Nayak

 Indians have done it in USA and Silicon Valley, and Germany
 should not be different, I hope.

 The humanities training in tech/science colleges is very poor;
 Also, the library facilities. A (historical) linguistics course
 and one on comparative Indian literature, with good portions
 from Sanskrit and Tamil classics, something like a Norton anthology
 will be of sure help.

 People like Rajaram portray Zvelebil as a Christian missionary!
 If we conduct surveys from people on the streets, the results
 for Dravidian languages may be that they are coming from Sanskrit.
 Since a majority of HindutvavAdis claim that drav. studies is a
 Christian effort, should the Indological discipline abandon its Dravidian
 linguistics studies??


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