"Science" in India

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>The army of techno-coolies

This is a complicated topic, but I would just like to point out that this
phrase mischaracterizes the nature of the Indians with technical training in
the United States--their creativity, their entrepreneurial abilities, and
their success up to the CEO level. They have even acquired cachet.

I am also detecting a whiff of the attitude that it is the humanities liberal
arts education that is the "real" education, the social sciences are suspect,
and technology and engineering are merely vocational school. (As we sit in
our frayed tweeds reading in the newspaper about another successfull IPO.)
Having said this, I should add that I agree with all of Dominik's and Lars's
postings regarding the background required to make a meaningful contribution
to this list.

>Besides, has anyone wondered why the general priorities
>of Indian education are so skewed that it produces a vast army that Indian
>industry and economy cannot support, and must therefore export to the West?

Bad for India as a whole; just dandy for the ruling elite?

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