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From: NAYAK Anand <anand.nayak at UNIFR.CH>

>The sudden flooding of Indian engineers (or is it the sudde opening in the
>Western marketting >needs ?) has created a lot of ill feelings.

Lack of planning on the part of US or Germany is their problem, caused by
late marriages, high divorce rate, high cost of education. If manpower
imports are stopped, software work will fly abroad via satellite networks.
"Free trade" is meant for solving these problems quickly.

I think scholars can use logic and look for macro-economic or other
macro-level social and political factors that are causing the situation,
instead of "feeling" the events at individual level.

Prof Steve Farmer

I am writing with direct knowledge of a major resarch industry. Majority of
scientists believe in Gita and do what their bosses say. But lack of
competition facilitates "some" people without integrity to reach the top and
even subdue policies at higher level which may even imply losses in several
millions of dollars. That is the under- management I am talking about. It is
not a problem at worker level.

It is true, students don't get proper training. The cause is again: when
industry doesn't need them in the first place, how can any one expect a
feedback from industry to university what kind of training is needed. Most
Indians including myself come to US to find a different work ethic, (as
Vivekananda said America will be the karma bhoomi). Immigrants adjust to new
ethic in a matter of or weeks or months. I am not talking of exceptions

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