Akbar's death

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Wed Oct 18 16:55:52 UTC 2000

>My colleague, Prof. Aditya Behl provides the following information
>on this matter.

"Nur'ul Haqq Dihlavi's Zubdat ut tavarikh gives the answer as indigestion,
followed by burning fever and diarrhea, with no medicine producing any
effect, and with the emperor finally expiring on 26 October 1605. No
suggestion of any foul play, and N's informant is Shaikh Farid Bukhari
Murtaza Khan, the Mir Bakhshi or imperial paymaster, an eyewitness source."

>Dear Gentlemen,
>I'm Italian (Sorry for my bad English) Student of
>modern History and I'm writing a degree thesis
>concerning movement of evangelization in Mughal India
>(XVI-XIX century). At the moment I study Akbar's
>death: somebody assert that he kill himself by poison,
>others killed by his son Salim.It's very difficult,
>almost impossible, to find in Italy documents and
>books about arguments interesting to me.
>Can You tell me, if it's possible, the real anedoct
>about Akbar's death?
>   I'll happy to thank You
>Yours  faithfully
>Youri Martini
>p.s. Do You know recent publications about Catholic
>Missions to Mughal India (probably printed in India)
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