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>He could say that only if he had a time machine to go back and check the
>facts! Leaving aside Ambedkar's claims for the moment, it is true that
>Buddhism was widespread through South India at one point in time. But
>how did it spread? Due to the efforts of major personalities like
>NAgArjuna, DignAga, DharmakIrti etc (who were themselves originally
>brahmins). So it is only perfectly natural that if a even more charismatic
>religious figure like say ShankarAchArya or RAmAnuja appeared on the scene,
>the same Hindus who converted to Buddhism, would reconvert back to Hinduism
>(some particular form of it).

I think, it is long shot to claim that the arrival of ShankarAchArya or
Ramanuja catalyzed the re-conversion back to Hinduism.

It is more due to NayanmAr (especially Sambanthar, Appar and
Manickavasagar) and AlwAr (especially three muthal Alwars).
This re-conversion was at the end of KaLappirar rule and the start of
Pallava rule. History is more clear on that.

>The Dravidians in their efforts to gain recognition for Tamil see an
>imaginary enemy in Brahmanical Hinduism and Sanskrit (this is Samar's
>interest in them). They think that it is the Brahmins who're opposed to the
>recognition of the greatness of their language. In this they forget the
>numerous brahmins who have contributed and enriched their language. If Tamil
>isn't recognized as a classical language today, it is only because of the
>Tamil peoples periodic bursts of linguistic chauvnism and anti-Brahminism.

Again, it is an un-supported accusation. Can you please define "linguistic

You said "let go of it and Brahmins themselves will fight for your cause".

If you are a Tamilian, who stopped you from fighting for that cause? Why
are you mixing politics and scholarly debate?

With regards,

  (Didn't we
>recently see a brahmin taking pride in his
>marathtamizh heritage over his Vedic heritage or another who sighed with
>frustration at the final recognition of the greatness of Tamil). It is our
>mother tongue too.

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