Buddhists and others, wasRe: RAJARAM EPISODE

Srini Pichumani srini_pichumani at MENTORG.COM
Thu Oct 5 17:30:04 UTC 2000

Samar Abbas wrote:

>  So the esteemed Thapar is now saying that the Buddhists of eastern India
> migrated to Thailand and Malaysia, ie. that the Vietnamese are Bengalis by
> descent. Anything to prove that Buddhism was destroyed by `marauding
> Muslims'. Surely, another wonder of Pseudo-Secularism. Reminds one of the
> Urdu-from-Prakrit theory, which the likes of Thapar et al so loudly parrot
> over and over again.

Interesting that you sneak in your disapproval of the Urdu-from-Prakrit theory
here...  I seem to remember that your earlier arguments "in a scholarly
manner",  to wit,  with members of this list got you nowhere.

> It is the Westerners and Dravidianists on this list.

Dravidian studies and issues have been bedevilled by either "prejudiced
micromania" or a very "pronounced megalomania" (paraphrasing Kamil
Zvelebil)... you may need to contend with this... beware !


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