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Greetings. Wendy wrote in a magazine from London.

W. D. O'Flaherty, Disregarded scholars: a survey of
Russian Indology, South Asian Review 6 (1972) 332-5

N. Ganesan

Yes, it was after her visit to Moscow and Leningrad (now
St.-Petersburg again) about 25 years ago. The title (or subtitle)
was "The disregarded  scholars". She reviewed mostly the works of
Indologists belonging to  Moscow-Tartu school of structural studies.
Some of the people mentioned here soon after that had to emigrate,
but others left. Unfortunately, I can not give the precise reference.
An American magazine. The article never reached the libraries of
the USSR.
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 > Didn't Wendy Doniger (O'Flaherty) write a survey of Russian Indology
 > some years ago?
 > Allen Thrasher
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