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Phillip Ernest phillip.ernest at UTORONTO.CA
Thu Oct 5 21:40:04 UTC 2000

Thanks to those who have written me on- and off-list.  I'll repeat that,
right now, my interest is in Mahayana and Vedic.


On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Dr Y. Vassilkov wrote:

> Dear Phillip,
>      there is a vast indological literature in Russian and some very
> important books which wait for their translation in Western languages. Such
> as, e.g. Pavel Grintser's classic
> "Ancient Indian Epics: Genesis and Typology" (Drevneindijskij epos: genezis
> i tipologiya. Moscow, 1974) which is refered to in any modern book on the
> subject, but unfortunately is known to Western and Indian scholars due only
> to its summary in the reviews by Prof. Jong. Some works by T.Ya
> Yelizarenkova (Elisarenkova; on Vedic texts and culture) or A.M.Dubiansky
> (on Classical Tamil poetry) have appeared recently in English, but the
> desiderata still remains so great... There are works by Julia Alikhanova and
> Vladimir Ehrmann on Sanskrit theory of poetry and drama, Nikita Gurov's
> papers on Aryan-Dravidian lingvistic and cultural interaction, books by
> Svetlana Neveleva on the MahAbhArata and many, many others... Merely by
> reviewing some works by Russian scholars you could make serious contribution
> to the World Indology. That old principle of Western savants: "Rossica non
> leguntur" - is to be discarded, the sooner the better. Of course, if Russian
> scholars want to attract attention to their works they should better write
> in English, but not all of them are able to do so...
>     If you can tell me what particular branch of Indology has special
> interest for you, I could give you information about literature in Russian
> available on this subject.
>     Wishing you success,
>                                                   Yaroslav Vassilkov
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> > Dear List:
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> > Is there a large body of writing on Indology in Russian?  I am attracted
> > to Russian for other reasons, and wonder whether it would make sense to
> > learn it as the required European language for graduate work in Indology.
> >
> > Pip

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