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Wed Oct 4 05:44:45 UTC 2000

RZ writes :

>Please note the following: (1) Nanda Chandran (an individual), who
>claims to speak for Hindus in general,

Who am I? A politician to take such a stand? I only said that many
Hindus feel that way. In the same vein are we to believe that when
you clamoured for Hindus to return JainA and Buddhist temples, you
were speaking for the said groups?

>talks of 'getting back' what he considers their 'most important temples'.

How can I get it back? I'm only arguing against the unfairness of the

This effort to tar me in "Hindu fundamentalist" colours, is so typical
of Indian leftists who do the same with anybody who attempts to speak up
for Hinduism.

>On the other hand, I (also an individual) did not demand back anything, in
>the name of any group of people.

No, you didn't. You only tried to label Hinduism as "war mongering" and
"preaching hatred towards other religions"!

>You should have noticed that in that same message of mine I spoke up for
>other Hindus, viz. those who do not support the kind of views of
>which we should be critical.

In short, those who agree with your views on India. For others who
disagree, it is the guillotine, I guess!

>When I criticise Mr Chandran, I am not criticising any community of >his.


>I am grateful for the two abovementioned demonstrations of the
>communalistic mentality. They should give the readers on this list
>something to think about.

mirandavanukku irundathellaam peiyuu!

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