Rajaram Episode

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Tue Oct 3 22:51:58 UTC 2000

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000 11:14:26 -0700, Steve Farmer <saf at SAFARMER.COM> wrote:

>You miss the point —— or, rather, are doing everything in your
>power to evade it......

Sorry, you miss the point.  I have no way of checking what Rajaram
had in his possession. However I can check what Rajaram could easily have
had in his possession.  Moreover, anyone interested enough can
do the check for themselves, so they don't have to trust me.

After all, how do I establish that you have not been carried away
by your anti-fascism ? Being "S.A. Farmer" or "M. Witzel" does not
automatically make you trustworthy.  If the political stakes are as
large as you claim, all the more reason to be less trusting.

As to "Vedic Harappans" being dead -- I don't think so, unless you,
in turn, want to be deliberately misleading.  "Vedic Harappans" does not die
until the relationship between the Hakra/Ghagghar/Saraswati river and the
Saraswati in the RigVeda is set to rest.

Samar Abbas's claim that Rajaram's model is part of the Indian school
curriculum is a worthless claim without more details.

-  There is no one Indian curriculum. At the national level there are at
least two, one governmental and one non-govt. that I am aware of. Then, each
of the states has its own curriculum.  And there are private curricula.

-  Romila Thapar claims they did not get the school textbooks of the NCERT
curriculum amended in 20 years to remove "Aryan Invasion" and replace by
"Aryan incursion" because of the bureaucracy. I don't think our "fascist"
friends, who are busy keeping coalition partners happy, while trying to take
the necessary but unpopular economic decisions would make much headway on

-  There have been other allegations about the BJP government (e.g., the
change of the charter of the ICHR) that do not appear to be true.

-arun gupta

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