Archaeology of India between 3000 BC and 600 BC

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 3 01:38:15 UTC 2000

Narayan Joshi asked:
>Are there any archaeological excavations and/or discoveries that could fill
>up the gap between 600 BC and 3000 BC? For example who were in the south
>India when the Jewish king Soloman (900BC to 1000BC)
>had trade contract with Indian king or kings?

T. W. Rhys Davids, Buddhist India, 1903 (reprinted 1997), p. 116
"These merchants were mostly Dravidians, not Aryans.
Such Indian names of the goods imported as were adopted in the
west (Solomon's ivory, apes and peacocks, for instance,
and the word "rice") were adaptations, not of Sanskrit
or Pali, but of Tamil words."

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