C.R. Selvakumar selvakum at VALLUVAR.UWATERLOO.CA
Mon Oct 2 15:22:23 UTC 2000

'>'schrieb RZ :
'>'>Perhaps that overwhelming Hindu majority could consider returning all the
'>'>Jaina and Buddhist structures to their erstwhile owners first, before
'>'>about what the Muslims later did to brahminical structures? Why such a
'>'>partisan attitude? (Sorry if the desire for 'truth and integrity' in some
'>'>of us,
'>'>which you expressly say not to believe in, asks such questions.)
'>'Though others have already commented on such ridiculous questions, I too
'>'would like to point out a few things.
'>'Yes, I observe that whenever the tolerant nature of the Hindu religion is
'>'brought up RZ without fail will raise these questions -"Thirujnaanasambandar
'>'killed a lot of JainAs" etc.  Why is this? How many such instances are there
'>'when Hindus "destroyed" JainA temples or defaced JainA idols? Yes, there was
'>'rivalry and OCCASIONALLY it went beyond the boundaries of civility - but the
'>'JainAs were no means the only people on the receiving end. When the king was
'>'a JainA, Hindus too were persecuted. Anyway such instances, which are
'>'incompatible with the fundemental teachings of both religions, were
'>'exceptions rather than the norm.

   Thirujnaanasamndar did not kill Jainas as you claim. The stroy is:
   there was a debate and the condition was
   whoever got defeated they have to be put to death - and this was
   requested by the Jainas not saivites.
   Thus the king is said to have hanged all those Jainas who got
   defeated. Whether this incident is true or not is not
   clear. About 'taking over Temples', there is an ancient struggle-
   a case of a Siva Temple being taken over by Jainas and
   Thirunaavukkaracar (simply known as 'appar') reclaimed it by
   non-violent protests including by fasting etc. A true forerunner of
   Mahatma Gandhi.


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