Henrique Henripues (1520-1600)

Francois Obrist Francois.Obrist at BCU.UNIL.CH
Wed May 31 15:10:10 UTC 2000

Il y a  trois references dans "ATLA religion database" :

1) Zupanov, Ines.- Mission linguistique. In "Archives de sciences sociales
des religions", 43 : 43-65, jl - s 1998.

2) Rajamanickam, S.- Padre Henrique Henriques. In "International Conference
Seminar of Tamil Studies, vol. 2 / ed. by R. Asher. P. 520 - 527.

Tout de bon


3) Wicki, Joseph. The confraternity of Charity of Fr Henry Henriques. In
"Indian Church History Review", 1 : 3-8 Je 1967.At 21:57 30.05.2000 +0100,
you wrote:
>I'm a student of Sanskrit and Tamil at the University of Pisa; I'm studying
>the works of Henrique Henriques, a well-known jesuit, scholar of tamil.
>Unfortunally it has not been easy to find books, articles and works
>(manuscripts and printed books) on him and of his; could someone give me
>further information?
>I thank everybody in anycase
>Francesco Paolo Villani

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