Azerbaijan Hindu Fire-Temple ( Re: Zoroastrians in othe countries)

Fri May 26 21:01:43 UTC 2000

Yashwant Malaiya wrote:

> The Fodo-myoo (God of fire) is worshiped at Naritasan
> Shinshiji temple, in form of fire. I don't know of a
> direct  connection to Zoroastrianism.

The deity Fudo-myoo (= Acala Vidyaraja) is venerated by all followers
of Shingon in Japan and many temples have him as their main deity but
he is not the "God of Fire" -- he is merely surrounded by a nimbus of
fire as are most vidyarajas in Buddhist iconography.  He seems to be a
variant form of Vajrapani.  The old Vedic deity Agni is known to
Shingon followers in Japan and is invoked in the initial portion of
the homa ritual there.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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