Harappan relics in Assamese society

Palash Jyoti Mazumdar palashm at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon May 22 15:53:47 UTC 2000

Searching through the site harappa.com, i accessed an image of an artifact
titled 'dish on stand' which is an identical if cruder version of a stand
we use at present in Assamese society called 'bota'.

The bota is always cast in bronze and is used to show respect while
offering guests anything, specially used to offer betel nuts and leaf.

What I would like to know is whether there is any Harappan seal which
depicts this 'bota' along with script fragments which might represent the
image. If there is, prhaps the script could be studied to find out how it
may represent the word. Since the word is for an object, it should not have
undergone change, nor should it carry any controversy of language, etc.

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