Harappan Relics in Assamese Society

Palash Jyoti Mazumdar palashm at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon May 15 19:48:41 UTC 2000

Searching through the website harappa.com, I was able to access an image I
had been searching for, described as 'dish on stand'.

 This 'dish'(www.harappa.com/indus2/163.html) is identical to a kind of
vessel we use in Assamese society, called Bota(o as in fought, a as in
task).The bota is traditionally made always in bronze and is used as an
offering stand to show respect, used specially in offering betel nut and

 I believe this to be anothersmall proof that the Harappans were the
ancestors of today's Sanskrit Hindus.It is almost impossible to believe
that another group of people coming in, that too after the civilisation had
ended, would take in even such tiny details.
 Another thing I would like to know is whether there is any seal which
depicts this Bota along with script marks which appear to stand for it. If
there is any, the script could be studied to see how it can represent the
word 'bota' and a vital clue may be uncovered. As the word is for an
object, it is unlikely to have changed nor should it give rise to any
controversy of language.

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