Rajesh Kochhar rkk at NISTADS.RES.IN
Sat May 20 07:23:12 UTC 2000

Hinduism is an undefined religion. It has no founder,no book, no
commandments,no organized church.Therefore any reaction to Hinduism that
arises cannot be disowned by Hinduism itself. In this respect Hinduism is
like a mathematical group. In a mathematical group,when a ( permissible)
operation is performed on a member, the result is yet another member.

 The question is not whether Kabir is to be recognized as a Hindu or not.(
His mother was a Brahmin widow,who abandoned him because of "Lok-laj" as
our school text pointed out.Kabir was brought up by a Muslim weaver.) The
question is whether Hinduism can disown what Kabir said.The answer is No.
More generally because of the above cosiderations, the relationship between
Hinduism and (other)Indian-born religions remains asymmetrical.They can
disown Hinduism but not vice versa.

In short, any library on Hinduism would be incompleyte without Kabir (and
others like him).

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