Impact of mantra recital, etc.

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This kind of posting doesn't deserves the time or effort for a response.


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Subject: Re: Impact of mantra recital, etc.

As far as I know all the investigations which gave results in favour of TM
where suspect.
According to the TM-theory I learned in the days I took courses, the
different mantras don't cause differences in the level of concentration
attained, they are given in order not to disturb the meditators personality
and way of life
I discussed TM extensively with a very experienced vipassanateacher and he
pointed out the disadvantages, being an increase in credulity and a decrease
in creativity and criticism due to the overdose of zamatha, which was in
perfect accordance with my experience with TM-practitioners (workoholics are
not at risk, because they cannot acheive this level)
I've known persons who got into serious mental problems (extramural
treatment for over a year) because the experience of a moment of deep
samadhi disturbed their psychological stability
all the TM-teachers I've met only played 'his masters voice' and had very
little social skills or psychological insight.
I've seen systems of personal bijas in some translated texts of kasmiri
zaivaism (I'm sorry I cannot recall which), which could very well explain
the secret of the personal TM-mantra.
there are groups which use the 'mantra om namo zivaya' the TM way
there are have been experiments in the fifties with meditation on a blue
vase; the participants also experienced feelings of wellbeing and developed
affection for the object.
the real number of TM-practicioners is considerably less then the
TM-movement claims, because most people stop after a while without telling
the argument of mr Sands is a typical example of an argument ad verecundiam
and so plain sophistry
Sorry to disturb the dream


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