Impact of mantra recital, etc.

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Sat May 13 04:51:01 UTC 2000

Erik Hoogcarspel wrote:

I discussed TM extensively with a very experienced vipassanateacher and he
pointed out the disadvantages, being an increase in credulity and a decrease
in creativity and criticism due to the overdose of zamatha, which was in
perfect accordance with my experience with TM-practitioners (workoholics are
not at risk, because they cannot acheive this level)


Without taking sides in this debate, let me just say that if I were a
vipassana teacher, I would find disadvantages with TM too. And vice versa, I
may add. There are deep-rooted religious politics going on in the
background, as far as such claims are concerned.

You make several claims in one sentence. By zamatha, do you mean zAnti,
derived from zama, denoting peace and tranquility? If so, there is no
positive correlation between credulity and this quality. And there is no
positive correlation between creativity/critical thinking with the lack of
this quality either. As far as I can see, nobody has a monopoly on
credulity. The vast majority of the world's population is credulous, for
various reasons. Humans seem to be born with it. And the vast majority of
the world's population lacks zAnti. Nobody seems to need to practice TM in
order to become credulous. And you certainly don't need to be credulous, to
practice TM or to follow anything else. Every Babaji, Mataji, Roshi, Lama
and Tulku today has a world-wide following, not to mention the oldest sect
which has become the dominating religion in the world.

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