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December 16 - 22, 2000. at Sanskriti, New Delhi, India

Come catch the excitement! Share the magic of the short story - as a
writer, a translator, a teacher!

For more information,  email us at katha at
Phone: 91-11-686-8193; 652-1752 Fax: 91-11-651-4373

Mailing address: KATHA, A3 Sarvodaya Enclave New Delhi 110 017.
Conference webpage:

Over the last eight years, the annual Katha National Colloquium on
Language, Culture, Translation has built up as a national meeting place
for writers, translators scholars and critics from all over the country.
This is the tenth year of the Katha Awards and once again writers and
translators, critics and scholars will gather from all the four corners of
India, from Manipur and Rajasthan to Kerala and Tamilnadu, to discuss the
short story! This year, we open up the Katha Utsav to the international
community. And we invite you most cordially to join us to celebrate the
story, to revel in its myriad excitements and, as writers, translators,
teachers, to explore its powers, its creative possibilities.

This conference is being organized by Katha. A nonprofit, voluntary
organization, Katha works with equal dedication and commitment through
well-defined programmes in the literacy-literature spectrum. Since 1989,
our work has grown organically to span -
    * the primary to higher education continuum of formal education, The
 Katha National Institute of Translation has Academic Centres and/or Katha
 Clubs in various Indian Universities/ premier colleges.

    * And, in nonformal education/grassroots work, we provide learning
 opportunities for 1300 working children and their siblings. We provide
 income-generation opportunities for their mothers.

    * Known as quality publishers, we focus on language, literature,
 culturelinking and translation.
Dates of the Conference: December 16 - 22, 2000.
Venue: The conference will be held at Sanskriti Kendra, one of the best
laid-out conference spaces in New Delhi. Close to Delhi, Sanskriti has
excellent museums as well as some exquisite pieces of terracotta. It is
readily accessible by road from Delhi. And the International Airport is
about 45 minutes away, with direct flights to most destinations.

Academic Advisory Board: Professor Kateryna Longley, Executive Dean,
Humanities and Education, University of Perth; Professor Malashri Lal,
HoD, English, Delhi University; Professor Paul St Pierre, Departement
d'etudes francaises, Concordia University; Professor Sherry Simon,
Professor, D=E9partement d'etudes francaises, Concordia University;
Professor Udaya Narayan Singh, Centre for Applied Linguistics &
Translation Studies, University of Hyderabad.

Coordinators: Dr. GJV Prasad and Kamala, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Dr M.
Asaduddin, Jamia Millia Islamia; Dr Sukrita Paul Kumar, Delhi University.

The story has captured the Indian imagination as almost nothing else has.
Many would say that India's genius lies in her short stories and that the
Indian short story can be dated back to the oral renderings of the great
epic, The Mahabharata, starting probably some 3000 years ago! Through the
ages, stories of varying lengths and complexities, kathas, have given us
quick joys and lasting pleasures, vicarious learnings, our values and
ethics. And we welcome you to Katha's First International Conference on
the Short Story!

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