Rare statues found on Noyyal's banks

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Rare statues found on Noyyal's banks

"Coimbatore, May 12: The five-headed black cobra remains poised to strike with
its hood spread out menacingly, each scale on its body sharply delineated in
stone. This black stone statue belonging to the first century A.D. and several
others were unearthed recently around the banks of the Noyyal river at Perur,
near here.

More than 40 tablets with inscriptions in the ancient Tamil Brahmi script from
the first to the 18th centuries ad are among the other finds. State Archeology
department curator R Poongundran, who has taken custody of the finds, said that
there was also a clay figurine of Goddess Parvathi embracing a 'Shivalinga',
which was more than century-old.
Poongundran said among the finds was an 1800-year old clay pot, about one foot
in height, carrying the same inscriptions. Yet another one, dating back about
2000 years, depicted a man in the standing posture. He is identified as the
legendary folk hero Kadan from Kumulur in the country of Erumi from the
inscriptions at the backside.

The nude figure of a goddess, accompanied by a lion, is also depicted in clay.
It is said to be dating back some 1600 years. A five-headed cobra, hewn from
black stone and more than one foot in height, belonging to the first century
has been found in remarkably good condition, and also carrying 10 ten lines of
the inscription."

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