Janaka: Real or mythical?

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Fri May 12 01:53:25 UTC 2000

>Is there any *definitive information* as to whether Janaka was
>        1) an actual historical figure, or
>        2) a mythical construction?

A historical person, with a lot of sagas and tales attached....

Indeed,  he is found both in early Hindu (Upanisad) texts,
as well as in Buddhist texts (Jaataka no. 539), as Mahaa-Janaka
(cf. Mahaa-Kosala for the King of Kosala!).

Thus, fairly well attested.  I did not check old Jaina texts yet.

Plus, of course, mentioned in later Hindu texts, in more such tales:
Mahabharata, Harivamsa, etc.

Another (?) Janaka, father of Siitaa,  in the Ramayana  and the Puranas.

Which famous historical figure has escaped such accretions?

Even today:  years ago I heard a Hindi film song detailing the life of
Nehru while clearly copying the Buddhacarita: "A prince born on the banks
of the Ganges... etc "
Ever heard of  the Indira-Zatakam, of 1977?  There also is a painting of
her, after the Bengal war,  as Mahisuramardini...  killing "the Pak.
buffalo demon".

So, who is surprised about ancient times, without writing, and with active
bards all around?

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