impact of mantra recital on health

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>  If any repetitive speech or movement links right brain-left brain, then the
>  thumping rhythms of rap or mosh dancing must be healthful for our
>  youth--good news for us parents!
>  >
To speculate further, this may be a kind of self-medication (not unlike
drugs, alcohol, nicotine) for the dissociation, paranoia and other mental
ills which the naturally hypersensitive young suffer in this mass-media-mad
global society!  That does not make any of these self-medicating practices
ultimately healthful, by comparison with some other means of coping with our
society's pressures.  It is not surprising, however, or overly paranoid to
see societally self-defending reasons for US govt-funded and other research
to support these relatively easy individualistic responses to our society's
very deep contradictions and other problems.   See below:

 Claude Setzer <cssetzer at MUM.EDU>
Subject: Re: Impact of mantra recital on health

There is an annotated bibliography of over 500 papers at:

Many of the above papers have charts summarizing findings. The charts are
given at:

The conclusion of these papers is very strongly that
1) It DOES make difference WHAT you do.
2) It does make a difference HOW you do it.

There is also extensive research in progress relating specific recitations
of Vedas and Vedic literature to almost every aspect of human health.

The US government, National Institute of Health, is funding a major research
center for alternative medicine base on this research.

See also, the department of Psychology:

contact Dr. Fred Travis:
ftravis at

You can also see very specific data on success of results (percentage of
relief from various conditions) at the site of "Vedic Vibrations":

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