Impact of mantra recital, etc.

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Re: Dr.  Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School and of the Mind/Body project
(   ) ...

.... I heard it from the H[orse]'s mouth last Friday in a local conf. about
Benson has no prejudice/preconceived idea about any religion/technique and
has worked with several of them.

His claims therefore should be seriously compared with those mentioned on
the list, whether
consisting of just 1 or some 500 studies...

(The results mentioned by some go squarely against his express stress on
reptetion of *any* syllable/word)

And  (difference in) research methods should be highlighted as well.

I leave all of that to our medical & hightech shamans, not the zramaNa!


on a different topic : indicated by : "Subrahmanya S." : : see:

Dave & Nagendra H R "Effect of Agnihotra on germination of rice seeds - a
controlled trail".

No time to check that out. -- I just hope it is not the same type of
"controlled" experiment done some 20 years ago at U. of Khanpur, according
to a book on "Agnihotra":

- sow one field  with seeds and Agnihotra ash.
- sow one field, next to it,  with seeds but no Agnihotra ash.

Result: the one with Agnihotra ash delivered much more grain!!!


On still another topic, QUOTE, 'the amateurs splitting away from the

"indology", renamed "IndianCivilization", now has 59 members and 172
messages, since April 25.


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