tech. question, Mac OS 8.6

hmdplawr at UXMAIL.UST.HK hmdplawr at UXMAIL.UST.HK
Fri Mar 31 13:24:38 UTC 2000

I am also having a problem using the keyboard for the old Indic Times
font.  The keyboard actually works fine in my G4 with system 9 as long
as I stay in Word 5.1.  However, when I switch to Word 98, then certain
keys such as the semicolon and the Indic diacritics no longer work
properly.  Are you also using Indic Times with the caps-lock switch for
diacritics?  Does anyone know if there are any updated versions of the
Mac keboard for this font?  I neglected keeping up with changes in
fonts-software because what I used had been working fine until now.

David Lawrence

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000 21:44:31 -0600 tccahill at LOYNO.EDU (Timothy C.
Cahill) wrote:

>Dear Mac+Indologists,
>   The greeting shows my problem. I hit hyphen, it types plus. In an
>effort to retain my beloved keyboard layout (US sys. 6, a.k.a. Old US)
>copied the keyboard icon out of my neighbors Mac (sys. 7.5.x) and
>it over to my new Mac G+4. Upon depositing it into my sys. folder, it
>prompted me to put it in the control panel folder. Yes. Then it asks me
>I want to keep the new keyboard in place of the one thats there. Yes.
>I not only have no Indic diacritics, but the regular keyboard has gone
>awry. (No apostrophe by the way, it just barks at me.) It appears that
>upper ASCII code characters are rearranged or do not produce any
>at all. Any advice would be appreciated.
>Tim Cahill

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